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Wondering if you can find a hotel that will let you smoke inside your room? We got you. SmokingFinder.com is the only website you need to discover which hotels will let you book a smoking room, or a room with a patio/balcony that you can smoke on. Our only job is to make your hotel booking experience as easy as possible by removing your worries about being able to find a hotel you can light up in. We will tell you what rooms each hotel has available for smokers. Our site lists each hotel's ratings, price, and name of their smoking rooms. You can book the room on the worlds best and most reliable hotel agent: Booking.com

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Our team works to have the most accurate information when it comes hotel smoking policy. We know it can be confusing finding which hotels cater to smokers. We hope our simple search will guide you to the best hotel for your trip. We are partnered with Booking.com which means not only will you get a great rate, but you'll get all the other perks that come with using Booking.com. These inluce free cancellation at most hotels, pay when you check-in, or you can get bonus points for the Genius loyalty rewards program.

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We'll be glad to include your smoking hotel in our listings if it meets our requirements.