The best hotels with smoking rooms is the ideal site for finding smoking hotels that let you smoke in your own room or on a balcony/patio.

Frequent Questions about SmokingFinder

Which hotels allow you to smoke in your room?

Most hotels do not allow anyone to smoke anywhere on the property. It has gotten exceedingly rare to find these smoking permitted hotels. The local managers of the hotel usually decides if smoking is allowed. The best way to find these smoking hotels is to search on We list thousands of hotels that have rooms available to smoke in. You can also verify which rooms cater to smokers by looking at the hotel page. Finding smoking hotels

Can you smoke on hotel balconies or patios?

Many hotels do let you smoke if your room includes an outdoor area such as a balcony or patio. It's up to the hotel's policy on if you can smoke there or not. Many find that you can get away with smoking outside as long you don't let any smoke get back into the room, either through the door or heating/cooling vents. But if you bother any of your neighbors you will be out of luck. Smoking outside near a non-smoking hotel is always risky and should be done with caution.

Here at, We've already found thousands of hotels that have balconies or patios you may be able to use for a quick smoke.

Do hotels need to see your ID before you check in?

Most hotels and motels will need to see your Identification, Drivers License, or Passport before you are permitted to check in. The name on your Identification will have to match the name on the credit or debit card you are using to pay for the room.

While hotels won't check your age to see if you are old enough to smoke, they will rarely allow anyone under 18 to check in.

Can I smoke in an Airbnb?

Some vacation rentals such as airbnb do allow smoking in the house. This is up to the hosts, as the hosts themselves may be smoking inside as well.

How to improve your chances of booking a smoking hotel?

Finding a hotel that still permits smoking is getting harder every year. We recommend you use the search here to find appropriate hotels. Generally lower status hotels or older hotels will allow smoking. Casinos also commonly have smoking rooms.

It is still possible there are no smoking hotels in your small city. If that's the case, you should start looking for hotels with balconies or patios, which are also listed here at